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SLocator okol Tours is a team of experienced travel professionals specializing in soft adventure & theme travel. Our destinations are Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Central & So. East Asia.

  • We specialize in custom travel for individuals and small groups. We deliver top quality services for competitive prices. Our duffle bag = shopping cart" feature allows to build personal itineraries online regardless of your location or nationality. Within few minutes you can create your own account, get a quote, modify, and book when ready.

  • We will make you forget that most of Eurasia today is a complex mosaic of States separated by a bureaucratic system of border control and visa regimes.

  • Local guide in Xian, China Our experienced team has extensive knowledge about the best parts of Eurasia--because we are from there. Teamwork is the core of all our operations. We select Regional partners very carefully. A problem solving attitude, clarity, experience, and hospitality is our top priority.

  • Siberian frost The desire of traveling through Eurasia is often generated by mystery, intrigue, romance, and family heritage. We can take you to places today that a few years ago was hard to imagine possible.

  • Moscow balletWhether you are looking for an easy-going vacation spiced with history, art, and literature, or an invigorating adventure, Sokol has a broad range of choices to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Trans-Siberian trainThe otherworldly desolation of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The history and grandeur of Tiananmen Square and Red Square. The cultural melting pot of the Silk Route...The treasures of the East stay with you long after you experience them. And you can experience them with us.

  • Top Tours

    Gobi highlights
    Golden Ring of Russia Getaway
    Lena River - the Queen of Siberia
    Meeting Lake Baikal
    Old Believers of Eastern Siberia
    Rail cruise "Eagle": Classic Trans Siberian + Mongolia
    Rail Tailored trips: Classic Trans-Siberian (10 stops)
    Rail Tailored trips: Russia-Mongolia-China (3 stops)
    Rail Tailored trips: Trans-Siberia-BAM (6 stops)
    Tolstoy's Yasnaya Polyana

    Top Destinations

    St. Petersburg
    Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM) RR
    Golden Ring Cities
    Lake Baikal Ring
    Trans-Siberian RR

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