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train from Moscow - 29-35 hours    plane from Moscow - 2.5 hours

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Yekaterinburg is located in the middle section of the Ural mountain chain. The city has always been reasonably prosperous, as one can see from the number of patrician houses and mansions around the city center. Contrary to popular opinion, the city's name (which translates as "Catherine's City") is not due to Empress Catherine II ("the Great"), but an earlier Catherine. Catherine I was the second wife of the Czar Peter the Great, and it was her practical good sense which helped establish this important industrial and mining center - so Peter named the city in her honor. Read more about Yekaterinburg here...


2*htl Bolshoi Ural
3*htl Tsentralnaya
4*htl Transhotel
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Excursion / Asia meets Europe
Excursion / Yekaterinburg and the Romanovs
Excursion / Yekaterinburg the City
Excursion / Yekaterinburg's Identity
Rail / Build Your Rail Tour
Rail / Custom: Classic Trans-Siberian RR (10 stops)
Rail / Custom: Classic Trans-Siberian RR (4 stops)
Rail / Custom: Classic Trans-Siberian RR (5 stops)
Rail / Custom: Russia-Mongolia-China RR (7 stops)
Rail / Deluxe: Trans-Mongolian Express (14-16 days)
Rail / Deluxe: Trans-Siberian Express (15 days)

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