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train from Moscow - 140-150 hours    plane from Moscow - 8-9 hours


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The history and development of Khabarovsk is in great part owed to General-Governor Murav'ev-Amursky of East Siberia. He became known as the 'father' of Khabarovsk after he ordered the establishment of a new military outpost on the Amur River. On May 19, 1858, the commander of the 13th Siberian battalion, Captain Yakov Dayachenko and his soldiers built the first few winter quarters of the future Khabarovsk. The Governor called the new outpost Khabarovka in honor of one of the remarkable "pioneers" of the Amur land, Erofei Khabarov. For quite a long time the outpost remained a small service port on the Amur River and a transportation post of the long Siberian Way. Read more about Khabarovsk here...


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Amur River Muraviev - Amursky Avenu in Khabarovsk Wooden house on a quiet path


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