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train from Moscow - 120-130 hours    plane from Moscow - 6-7 hours

  Russia and China devided by Amur River

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The history of the Amur region began 350 years ago, when Cossack explorers embarked on an expedition along the most powerful river of the Far East. In 1858, an agreement was finalized between China and the Russian government regarding the extensive embankment on the northern side. In the same year the administrative center of the Amur region, Blagoveschensk, was founded. The Amur region's southern region is rich farmland sprawled along a 1,243-kilometer border with northern China. The region's north is sparsely forested tundra bordered by the vast Sakha republic. The region is also rich in gold and currently stands in 3rd place for all of Russia in gold production. Many of the settlements in the Amur region were established solely for the extraction of gold and lumber. Read more about Blagoveschensk here...


Excursion / Tynda-the BAM capital

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