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Shanghai (northeast) is a coastal city. It is often called the "Paris of China" and "Queen of the Orient" due to the architectural look shaped by the colonial history. The famous Huangpu River flows through Shanghai, home to scenes and sights that testify to the city's modern glory as a national commercial and financial center. The open-door policy of reforms has transformed Shanghai into a sophisticated metropolis with a well-developed network of land, air and sea transportation.

The heart of Shanghai is The People's Square, which was reconstructed and expanded in 1994. It is the political and cultural center of the city. The square is home to a gigantic music fountain, several dozen thousand square meters of green patches, the Shanghai New Museum, City Hall, a spacious underground shopping center, and the Grand Shanghai Theatre. A masterpiece of Shanghai architecture is the picturesque Bund, extending for 1.5 km along the shore of the Huangpu River. It is a symbol of Shanghai. Fifty-two tall buildings of various heights tower over the river along the western side of the Bund, resembling a museum of modem world architecture. The wide riverfront promenade along the eastern side of the Bund provides a captivating view of Shanghai. When lights are turned on between 19:00 and 21:00 p.m., the Bund provides the best nocturnal view of the city. It is also worth visiting the Yangpu and Nanpu bridges that are, at 7,658 and 8,346 meters respectively, among the longest bridges in the world.

Every year from mid-October to November the Tourists' Festival takes place in Shanghai. During this period you can admire a large-scale float parade, open-air concert, demonstration of Chinese and foreign tea ceremonies, international symposium on tourism, exhibition of culture and art associated with the classic, A Dream of Red Mansions.

As a large international city Shanghai has a great variety of restaurants, snack bars and canteens. Local cuisine is naturally dominated by the Shanghai School of cooking, whose chefs are choosy about the ingredients and stop at nothing to hone their cooking techniques, resulting in dazzling array of delicacies that can be found only in this water-bound country south of the Yangtze. The food streets at Huanghe Road, Yunnan Road and Zhapu Road are favorites for visitors.

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