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Sludyanka village

  Local commuter train

Lake Baikal Ring: Map-Scheme

Sludyanka comes from word "mica" because of the unique deposit in the nearby area. The construction of the Circum-Baikal Railroad in 1902 prompted Sludyanka's foundation, which till today remains a part of the Trans-Siberian Railroad with the monumental train station made of marble. Together, with wooden houses and random last century water towers surrounded by the Lake and Mountains, the town does have its charms. If you are in Sludyanka for few hours, definitely visit a local Museum housing close to 3450 minerals from all over Russia and former USSR. There is another small historical museum at the train station, where you can learn few interesting facts about the Trans-Siberian Railroad. If you are a fish gourmet, Sludyanka has it all: salted, smoked, dry, name it!


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Local vendors selling "Omul" (smoked fish) at the train stop Sludyanka train station Some old water tower


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