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Tunka Valley, Arshan Resort


Arshan is a resort founded by locals to take advantage of the unique properties of natural hot mineral springs of Tunka Valley, which is located between the Sayan and Hamar-Daban mountain ranges. Unforgettable views and unique flora and fauna have rightfully placed the area under protection of the Tunkinsky National Park and it remains one of the most popular destinations.

The waters of Arshan hot springs are very rich with minerals and are prescribed as treatment for problems related to digestion, heart, and neurological disorders. The average annual temperature ranges from 11-13°C to 45°C; this creates a natural steam bath in the winter for those who like open air hot tubs and gorgeous views for those who like winter scenery. The valley is also a home to many rare plants such as Rhododendron adamsii Rehder/Saggan-Dali, Djen-Shen.

Basic data:

  • Distance between Irkutsk and Arshan: 210 km / 130 miles
  • Distance between Irkutsk and Kultuk: 98 km / 61 miles
  • Distance between Ulan Ude and Arshan: 479 km / 298 miles
  • Altitude: 893 meters above sea level.

To reach Arshan, it is best to take the highway to Kultuk village first, which is known as the first Russian settlement (1647) on the shores of southern Baikal. When you arrive to Arshan, local guides will be happy to show you the mineral springs, the local Buddhist datsan (temple). They will also suggest to take a walk along Kyngyrga river to see local natural wonders. Most food in the area is traditional Buryat cuisine. If you would like to stay for a night, there are several local hotels (Sqaan-Dali, Arshan, Sayani) and guesthouses.


Day/Weekend / Arshan - the Saint Springs of Siberia

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