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train from Moscow - 24 hrs    plane from Moscow - 2 hrs
train from St.-Petersburg - 30 hrs    plane from St.-Petersburg - 2 hrs

  Kama River and Perm's passenger pier

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Just like most cities associated with the Ural Mountains, the city of Perm is among top industrial leaders of the nation. It is believed that the city was founded around 1723 by an industrialist Tatishev for cooper production. Metallurgy and later, salt production, defined Perm's future. It grew quickly and by 1950, after the construction of the hydropower dam, the city became a strategic center of heavy machinery and aviation production. Today, to many business people and engineers from both West and Russia, Perm is among Pioneers of post-cold war joint cooperation for designing modern plane engines. If you ask historians about city's past, be prepared for sad stories. For decades, Perm was a political exile starting with the Russian Nobility, who attempted a coop in December of 1825 against the Czar followed by Romanov's Royal family exile in 1917. Since 1930s, Perm becomes a part of the Stalin's GULAG system. But, there are also good stories about Perm. Despite the harshness of the past, the life goes on. People in Perm are nice, talented and hospitable. The number of theaters, museums and schools will surprise you and most important, they are all full of life. Particulary, world known, the Perm Puppet theater, the Perm Opera and the Perm Ballet.


Excursion / Perm36 - the Gulag story

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Perm traffic Komsomolsky Prospekt (Street) Tram Stop


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