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Destinations \ Russia European (Northern) \ Arkhangelsk


train from Moscow - ~ 20 hours    plane from Moscow - ~ 2 hours
train from St.-Petersburg - ~ 8 hours    plane from St.-Petersburg - ~ 1 hour


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Arkhangelsk is the city of ~ 400,000 residents situated on the banks of Northern Dvina River near the White Sea within ~ 1,200km/750mi directly north of Moscow. It was founded in 1584 under the name of Novo-Kholmogory as the sea port, but later was renamed after the old Michael-Archangel Monastery. Before the Reforms of Peter the Great, Arkhangelsk was the only sea gate of Russia through which trade with Europe was conducted. This is exactly where in the 17th century Peter the Great founded the first Russian shipyard and started the construction of the first Russian ship, and in a year-time personally participated in its launching. Many well-known expeditions of Russian travelers for the exploration of the North and discovery of new lands started from the port of Arkhangelsk. During World War II, the port of Arkhangelsk connected Russia with the Allied powers. Military hardware from Britain, Canada and the U. S. came to Russia via the northern waters of the Arctic Ocean. Currently, Arkhangelsk is a well developed industrial, scientific and cultural center. Its history, monuments, museums, theatres, new squares and avenues, old city buildings, a beautiful embankment and unforgettable white nights make the city a real attraction for tourists.

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