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Urumqi (northwest) is the city of 1.4 million people. It is the regional capital of Xingjiang Weiwuer Autonomous region located in the eastern part of China between Central Asian deserts and the northern side of Tian Shan Mountains. Blessed with reach natural resources, particularly coal and oil, the region and the city profit from supporting relatively large industrial complex represented by machinery, chemical, petroleum and textile businesses. Cotton, wheat fields are common part of the landscape around Urumqi. The ethnic mosaic of Urumqi is different from the mainland of China. It is represented by a wide mix of cultures and religions of Central Asia, mainland China, Tibet, Southeast Asia and Siberia. This true crossroad of Eurasia welcomes all. Mosques, Christian and Buddhist religions co-exist peacefully here for centuries perfecting their reputation of skillful traders and artisans. Visit local bazaars to enjoy the ancient rhythm of Asian trade or Da Fo Temple to see graceful paintings. If you have time, take a short drive from Urumqi to the northern slopes of the Tian Shan Mountains, Valleys and crystal clear waters of Sailimu, Hanasi Lakes. If interested in Buddhism, history and archeology, go the Gaochang town of 30,000 people founded around 1st century B.C.

With the rest of China and neighboring Central Asian States, the city is connected by well established system of highways, railways and air routes.


Combo (<10 days) / Silk Route of Central Asia
Rail / Build Your Rail Tour

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