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Palekh village


Palekh is an ancient Russian village that together with the other two villages Mstera and Kholui is the birthplace of world-renowned miniature lacquered boxes. It all began with local icon-painters, who were famous for their great skills and craftsmanship since the 18th century. In the early 1920, handicraft company was founded; its base was both ancient Russian icon-painting, traditions and assimilated technological experience of Lukutin's Lacquer Manufactory. Palekh adornments and domestic utensils (brooches, powder-cases, beads-boxes, caskets and chests) are executed by hand, without any preliminary copies. Contemporary lacquer articles are decorated with unique miniature painting on subjects of Russian fairy-tales and folklore ballads, poems and national customs; classic Russian literature characters that are very expressive in their execution. The skills of Palekh craftsmen are transmitted from generation to generation and are zealously kept in secret. One of the most mysterious secrets is the secret of Palekh colors. Palekh craftsmen use only natural ingredients in their paints like egg emulsion.


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