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Khovd town is 1425km (884mi) west of Ulaanbaatar. It is connected to the capital by road that goes via Arvaikheer, Bayankhongor and Altai towns and by air. Once a small farming community, and later a crossroad for Russian and Mongolian traders, Khovd city today is a community of 35,000 residents and one of the major industrial centers of Mongolia with wide ethnic composition. If you are in town, start with local museum, than take a walk to the northern part of the city to see ruins of Sangiin Kherem palace built around 1762 by the Manchu warlords. The dry, rugged hills north of the ruins offer some great views and good hiking. For day trips and longer, consider spectacular Tavanbogd, Mongolia's highest peak (on the borders with Russia and China); the Blue Goat Nature Reserve; the Blue Caves; and Har Us Nuur (Black Water Lake), a breeding ground for rare birds and other wildlife. The people in the area are fascinating as well: The Kazakhs hunt with eagles, and the Tuvan people are known for their throat singing. Best way to see it is to visit lively market on Sundays.

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