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Turkestan-Siberian RR

Route Map The Turkestan–Siberia Railway (Turk-Sib) also known as the Central Asiatic Railroad, was one of the great construction projects of the Soviet Union. It is connected to the Trans-Siberian Railway by two major branches with Almaty city at its core: one starts in Western Siberia at Novosibirsk city and runs south-west via Barnaul, Semey. The other branch comes from European part of Russia and runs south-east via Samara, Orenburg, Chimkent. A spur of the railroad reaches Bishkek city (Kyrgyzstan). Political and Economic reasons were the major reasons for building the road. Trumpeted as the "forge of the Kazakh proletariat," the railroad was to create a native working class, bringing not only trains to the steppes and semi-deserts of Central Asia, but also the winds of Soviet Power. Despite of post war depression, the young Soviet government in 1926 mobilized all available resources to built the Turk-Sib. This costly railroad was finished in 1931 by nearly 50,000 workers. After Central Asia was linked to Russia, next task was to link it to neighboring Caucasus Republics of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan. This is when it was decided to build a new railroad from Tashkent city to the Caspian Sea via Turkmenistan, where it would connect with the existing railroad built in 1880. Upon the completion, it became the Trans-Caspian Railroad connecting Turkmenbashi (Krasnovodsk) city on the Caspian Sea with Ashgabat, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent with branches to the Fergana Valley and Turkestan-Siberian Railroad.


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