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train from Moscow - 11-12 hrs    plane from Moscow - 0.5 hr

  Central Square

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Voronezh city was founded in 1586 as a military fortress on Don River to protect southern borders of the Moscow State. In early 1700s the city was choused by the Russian Czar Peter the Great to be a birthplace of the Russian Navy. Many shipbuilding experts and merchants were invited from England, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Venice to take a part in the new venture, which turned the city from agricultural provincial town into an active business and industrial center. Today Voronezh is a city of approximately 1 million residents. It is about 500 kilometers from Moscow (capital) and can be reached by highway, rail and air transportation. Despite being a major industrial center, particularly in aeronautical, machinery and space industries, the Voronezh region along with its neighbors (Belgorod, Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel, Tambov) remains one of the agricultural treasures of Russia due to the land with very rich soil called black soil of Central Russia. Voronezh city is also well known for educational and cultural achievements. It is proud to claim that every 15th young person in Voronezh today is a student of more than 30 higher education establishments that provide training in various specializations and directions. One will be surprised to learn about a number of famous writers, painters and poets who contributed greatly to the citys reputation of being a place that inspires to create. One of them is a Nobel price winner Bunin. His house was turned into museum and welcomes visitors at any time. For those who enjoy cultural life there are five theaters, a Philharmonic society, fine arts and local history museums, exhibition and concert halls, a circus, culture clubs, libraries, International festivals, sports games, crafts exhibitions.


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