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You cannot get to Tiksi town by train or car. You could travel there on a cruise ship or by air, but only with the special permit, even today. It is not only a strategic Russia's Arctic sea port on Laptev Sea, but also a geographical border of Russia. Variety and choice for accommodations and restaurants in Tiksi town is not a problem, because there are none. It is literally a small settlement with around 5,100 residents and very limited function: seasonal seaport and military point. Since 1950s Tiksi is set up as a staging base for Soviet bombers to reach the U.S. It is used regularly by Tu-95s in exercises, including one in 1999, in which bombers practice traveling to the Canadian arctic. What really makes Tiksi a cool place are people and the surrounding environment. The romantic misery of the Arctic will leave an unforgettable impressions in your memory. If you are in the area in the summer, ask Natives to take you for fishing and tundra exploration. The hospitality of local residents is truly original. People are as warm and hospitable in their houses as the weather is severe outside. If you are flying to Tiksi in the winter, be prepared for rather unusual experience. Apparently, planes do land right on the ice. The ice on the sea reaches up to three meters in depth, and winter lasts nine months, so there's nothing particularly surprising or exotic about that for locals.


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