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Sakhalin Island

plane from Moscow - 10-12 hours


Tourist Map (44KB); Russia Destinations (main page)

route Sakhalin is one of the largest Islands in Russia, interesting both culturally and historically. Its geographical location is unique; it is separated from the continent and from Japan by three straits, bathed by the cold Sea of Okhotsk and the warm Japanese Sea. The seas, washing the coast of Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands, are among the most productive areas of ocean in the world. Nearly 2/3 of the Sakhalin area is mountainous. Lopatin Mountain is the highest, at 1,609 m. The Northern part of the Island is a swampy plain covered with deciduous forests while mountains of the central and southern parts of the Island are covered with taiga forests. There are two mud volcanoes, more than 60 thousand rivers and streams, and about 16,120 lakes on the Island. Recent discoveries of large oil reserves made Sakhalin one of the top destinations for businesses and developers. Read more about Sakhalin Island here...

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