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train from Moscow - 42 hours    plane from Moscow - 1.5 hours

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Sochi is the Russian Riviera. Sand and pebble beaches stretch nearly 20 miles along the Black Sea coast. Here are the northernmost subtropics in the world. Similar to Northern California, you can swim in the sea from April through October, and ski on the nearby slopes from October into May. The semi-tropical weather allows for a lushness found nowhere else in Russia. Sochi is almost all mountains, forest, and beach. More than 80% of the territory is part of a national park or the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve. Historical and architectural monuments, unique flora and fauna, magnificent panoramas, mysterious canyons and caves, noisy waterfalls are all found in Sochi's parks. Sochi's roots are ancient. The area was settled about 400,000 years ago. According to the Cambridge "Guide to Prehistoric Man" the local Akhshtyrskaya Cave is the northernmost point in southeastern Europe which Cro-Magnon men, the first ancestors of Europeans, inhabited.

Even when you are Sochi for few days or hours, there is plenty to do. Make sure to take a driving tour to visit popular sites: Park Riviera, Winter Theater, Matzesta spa, Arboretum, Botanical Gardens, Dolphinarium. Take a day tour to Mt. Ahun and trekk to the Eagle Rocks and Agura waterfalls. If you prefer more relaxed atmosphere, take a trip to the Tea houses in Dagomys to taste local treats. Read more about Sochi here...


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