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Destinations \ Russia European (Northern) \ Petrozavodsk (Karelia)

Petrozavodsk (Karelia)

train from Moscow - ~ 14 hours    plane from Moscow - ~ 1 hour
train from St.-Petersburg - ~ 7 hours    plane from St.-Petersburg - none

  A picture carved on the bark of a birch tree

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Another city founded by Peter the Great, “Peter’s Factory” was originally intended to serve as a production center for weapons. Nowadays it is a mid-size city with active production and education on one hand, and yet serves as a starting point for the many tourists visiting Karelia's forests, lakes, and architectural/historical monuments. The most famous of these is of course is the Kizhi Island, but Russians and foreigners alike often visit the many interesting destinations outside of the city. Visit Petrozavodsk the last Saturday in June to join in the city's birthday celebration.


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Nevsky Cathedral A picture carved on the bark of a birch tree Lake Onega


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