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Destinations \ Russia European (Northern) \ Pskov


train from Moscow - ~ 12 hours    plane from Moscow - ~ 1 hour
train from St.-Petersburg - ~ 5 hours    plane from St.-Petersburg - none


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Ancient Pskov was first mentioned in the Russian annals in 903, making it more than 200 years older than Moscow! Pskov was built on the Velikaya (Great) River as a fortress to protect Russia from the northwest. This waterway was the main trading route for Pskov, providing access to other European countries. The Velikaya River runs into Chudskoe Lake, continuing on the Narva River to the Baltic Sea and open waters. Twelve small fortresses providing safety to merchant caravans were built along Velikaya River, the main one being the Pskov fortress.

It is difficult to find another city in Russia where more than three hundred churches and other buildings from the 12th–17th centuries are kept untouched. There are more than thirty monasteries erected in 14th- 17th centuries in Pskov and the surrounding area. Read more about Pskov here...

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