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Mongolia the ordinary lifestyle of the Nomads since the times of Genghis Khan. Ironically, if his Empire was still around, travelers would have the benefit of moving freely across Eurasia without worrying about visas and border guards! O well, let’s get real!

Usually, when the word Mongolia surfaces in conversation, we hear the same questions…Where is Mongolia? Why Mongolia? What is out there? Is there anything fun to do? The geography question is not a problem, but “why travel to Mongolia”...Historians and archeologists would mention the Genghis Khan Empire and the world's richest and best-preserved fossil deposits of dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles. The environmentalists would talk of beautifully preserved natural wonders from the Gobi desert to the Siberian taiga forests. The anthropologists would tell you all about Tibetan Buddhist traditions and cultural diversity…all this is great, but is it still worth traveling thousands of miles to the place where one can count on one hand the number of cities and towns that fit the definitions of “western civilization”.

By the way, there is an expression often heard in Siberia…”there are no roads, there are directions”. This is absolutely true about Mongolia. People move and migrate in Mongolia the way they choose for reasons only Nomads know. It sounds so different from our Western civilized world, and this is exactly why Mongolia does wonders for you when it comes to giving yourself a moment of peace, or to stop your head from spinning from the daily routine of our busy cities, work, problems…Let Mongolia be your natural teacher. Trust her and she will share with you a secret of simple life and what makes it full.

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