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Moscow - St. Petersburg Grand Express

The first railroad line between Moscow and St. Petersburg was Welcome completed in 1851. It became the starting point for the Russian rail network, which grew to be the largest in the world. In the past, the experiental rail connection between cities was tested with the Moscow-St. Petersburg line. Today, it is again at the core of experimenting, but this time for improving quality services. Fancy trains with showers and carpets have been added recently to expand choices for passengers.

The Grand Express is a recent addition of luxury trains between the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is managed and operated by a private company, and offers one of the highest levels of service available on the Russian railroad today. The train wagons and restaurant are nicely furnished,have minibars, and are equipped with AC, Stereo, and flat screen TVs. This allows guests to feel as though they are staying in a five star hotel. The polite and service oriented crew is well trained to deliver first class services.

The train wagons have four types of compartments

Grand Deluxe...this type of cabin has the concept of a hotel Suite and is an ideal for 2 people or 2 adults with a child. The cabin has a personal bathroom, shower, mini hall, minibar, TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, and 220V plugs. The lower bed is 1.20 meter wide and upper bunk is 0.90 meter. For additional fees you can order food, drinks, or games into your suite.

Grand...this cabin is similar to the "Grand Deluxe", but smaller in size by a quarter.

Premium...this cabin is the same size as the "Grand" class, but with a smaller lower bunk bed (1.10 meter). Other services include room service, minibar, TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, and 220V plugs. Each compartment also has a shower and a toilet.

First Class This cabin is twice as small as the "Grand Deluxe". It has 2 lower bunk beds with the width of 0.70 meter each. The compartment is equipped with AC, TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, and 220V plugs. Two toilets per car are located outside the cabin in the corridor.

To give you a sense of the train's compartments, please refer to the pictures below:

Car attendant

Car Attendant...

At the Arrival Platform

Arrival/Departure Platform

Making the bed

Grand Deluxe lower bunk bed...


Bathroom of the Grand Deluxe compartment...



Car - Restaurant

The Car - Restaurant...


Personal shower cabin...

Mini Hall in the Grand Deluxe Cabin

Mini hall of the Grand Deluxe compartment...

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