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Ron Hull

My guide in Ulaanbaatar was terrific and I had a great time visiting with a horse herder family, a wonderful meal in the mountains and a warm, Ger, (someone came and stoked the fire at Midnight, 3 a.m. and 6a.m....).in the morning I came face to face with a large Yak munching in my front yard... I truly want to go back to Mongolia and possibly do a little back packing in the mountains there.

Irkutsk, my guide and the young woman who took care of my train tickets were righton time, friendly, helpful...I thoroughly enjoyed Lake Baikhal, the wooden architecture museum , and, every minute of the journey. I met great people on the train, always had someone to have dinner or breakfast with.

Artour I truly mean it when I say thank you to you. Your assistance made it all possible and I am more than 100% satisfied. Do you have any other trip to suggest which would include a remote area of the world not yet popular with tourists?

With thanks again and again, Ron

Ron Hull
Special Advisor to NET &
Professor Emeritus of Broadcasting, UNL

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