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Later, steady rail and air connections were added with its northern neighbor - Russian Siberia. The Pacific ocean makes up most of China's east coast, and serves as the main outlet for China's trade, Spas, and vacationing centers. The central part of China, also known as the "Proper" or "Main" China, remains the political and banking center of the country, with Beijing and Shanghai at the core. The Northeast of China is the land of mineral resources. It produces more coal than any other country, and has rich deposits of iron, color metals, uranium, and many other minerals. The Western part is the least populated area, and probably least known of China. The north and south of Western China are completely different worlds. The northwest part is mainly associated with the Silk Route history. Several centuries ago, it was one of the main gateways for caravans carrying goods to the West. Desert and semi-desert climate, villages and towns settled by ancestors of the Oman Empire, camels, ancient mosques, cotton fields - this is what you will find and see here. The southwest region is the famous Tibet, with gracious monks and Buddhist temples. Green Mountains, ancient temples, and peaceful and untouched environment. Recently a railroad was built to connect Beijing with Tibet. It crawls and cuts through the Himalayan mountains ("the roof of the world") allowing passengers to experience views of incredible proportions. Lastly, the southern part of China - Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Yangtze River, Yellow River, etc. It contains four fifths of the country's population. This is where the best Chinese tea is grown, and the most exotic meals are prepared.

China comprises 22 provinces and borders following countries: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, India, Nepal, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bhutan and N. Korea.

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