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Moscow -> Beijing Itinerary (eastbound)

Moscow –> Kazan –> Yekaterinburg –> Novosibirsk –> Irkutsk –> Ulan Ude –> Ulaanbaatar –> Erlian -> Beijing

Highlights: Train ride on the otherwise closed route of the Transsiberian along Lake Baikal with 2 extensive photo stops; 40 hours at Lake Baikal; Your Private Train: safe, clean and comfortable; You will visit cities of Moscow - Russia’s proud new capital, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude, Ulan Bator, Beijing; Boat ride on Lake Baikal; Glorious: Icons and Cathedrals; Pristine: typical Siberian villages; Authentic: Mongolian horse show; Beijing’s Forbidden City; Modern History: Tiananmen Square; Entertaining and informative: Daily lectures about countries, people and cultures; Traditional: greeting with bread, salt and balalaika; For connoisseurs: vodka and caviar tasting.

  • Day 1 Welcome to Moscow (Russia's Capital)
    After having arrived in Moscow, your tour guide welcomes you at the airport and accompanies you to your hotel. The Russian capital presents itself in wonderful illumination on your "Moscow by Night" city lights tour. Afterwards you can stroll across the famous Red Square with your tour guides and experience Moscow’s Metro stations in all their splendor and beauty. At night, the beds in your first class hotel spread comfort. (D)

  • Day 2 Sightseeing Moscow (Russia's Capital)
    Your grand city tour starts in the morning with the Kremlin, including one of the magnificent cathedrals still left from the time of the Tsars. Towards evening, your train departs from the Kazan Station. (BLD)

  • Day 3 Kazan (Central Russia)
    After breakfast you arrive in Kazan, the old Tartar capital on the banks of the Volga. Plenty of history here: on a guided tour of the Kremlin you will learn about the wild and often bloody relations of the Tartars, Cossacks, and Russians. Your Private Train resumes its journey in the evening. (BLD)

  • Day 4 Yekaterinburg (Ural Mountains of Russia)
    In the afternoon halt in Yekaterinburg and short city tour. In the course of the city tour you will see the newly erected Cathedral-on-the-blood, built in memorial of that tragic historical event. Back on the train you enjoy your view on the fascinating landscape and in the course of a caviar and vodka tasting you get acquainted with the traditions of Russian hospitality. (BLD)

  • Day 5 Novosibirsk (Western Siberia of Russia)
    You reach Novosibirsk, heart of Siberia, where you will be welcomed in the traditional Russian manner with bread and salt. Your city tour includes a visit to the lively market. After dinner, the train continues its ride eastwards. (BLD)

  • Day 6 Krasnoyarsk
    Your Private Train, by now your second home, proceeds onward over the Yenisei River through Siberia. In Krasnoyarsk - the city with its impressive riverside location - you will go on an interesting walking tour. Back on the train the on-board restaurant chefs once again demonstrate their skills with the speciality meal "Tsar’s Feast". Enjoy Russian hospitality during the vodka and caviar tasting while passing by impressive landscapes. (BLD)

  • Day 7 Irkutsk (Eastern Siberia of Russia)
    Today the train reaches Irkutsk, capital of Eastern Siberia. During a city tour you will see the new statue of Alexander III. After lunch, you undertake an excursion to the open-air museum "Life and Work in the Time of the Czars”. A "taiga" dinner in a Siberian forest restaurant is the excursion’s romantic finale. Spend the night in a centrally located standard hotel in Irkutsk. (BLD)

  • Day 8 Lake Baikal (Eastern Siberia of Russia)
    Today you will visit a Siberian village by bus. A boat takes you across the deep waters to Port Baikal, where your Private Train awaits you. On ancient tracks it takes you directly along the shore of Lake Baikal for several hours. Dinner is served in typical local style as a picnic on the shores of the lake (weather permitting). (BLD)

  • Day 9 Ulan Ude (Eastern Siberia of Russia)
    This day takes you along a different part of the shore of the mystical Lake Baikal, and then onwards through the wild and lonely mountain steppes of Eastern Siberia. On the way to the Mongolian border the train will stop in Ulan Ude, where you attend the city tour. (BLD)

  • Day 10 Ulaanbaatar and Gandan Monastery (Mongolia's Capital)
    In the morning you arrive in Ulan Bator. In the course of a city tour you will see the impressive Buddhist Gandan Monastry and the Lama Museum. In the evening, your tour guides show you the best beer garden in the city. You spend the night in a centrally located hotel in Ulan Bator. On request we can organize for you instead of your hotel stay an overnight stay in a yurt in the beautiful Mongolian Alps. Please contact us for details and price! (BLD)

  • Day 11 Ulaanbaatar and the Mongolian Alps (Central Mongolia) Today you attend a tour to Mongolian Switzerland. After breakfast, a bus trip reveals the beautiful countryside. You take lunch within the typical tent settlements of nomadic herdsmen. A Mongolian horseback riding show will be performed especially for you. In the evening your Private Train will travel onward to the Chinese border. (BLD)

  • Day 12 Through the Gobi desert (Southern Mongolia & Northeast of China)
    In the early morning your train halts in the middle of the Gobi Desert, some time ago one of the favourite settlements of dinosaurs. Towards noontime, you reach the Chinese border, where due to the different Chinese track gauge your Chinese train is ready for departure. The Chinese train has no Nostalgic Comfort and Bolshoi cars, only two bed or 4 bed cabins. Single occupancy is not guaranteed. You will reach China’s capital Beijing in about 16 hours. (BLD)

  • Day 13 Welcome to Beijing (China's Capital)
    After observing impressive scenes of Chinese rural life from your compartment window, you arrive in Beijing in the morning, where you will spend three nights in a first class hotel. (BL)

  • Day 14 Beijing–Temple of Heaven & the Forbidden City (China's Capital)
    A four-hour city tour will show you the Temple of Heaven and its park as well as Tiananmen Square. A guided tour through the interior of the Forbidden City follows in the afternoon. (BL)

  • Day 15 The Great Wall and Peking Duck (China's Capital)
    Today you enjoy a day trip to the Great Wall. Your program also includes a tour of a pearl cultivation farm, the Ming Tombs and the avenue of the spirits. In the evening you enjoy a meal featuring the world-famous Chinese dish, Peking Duck. (BLD)

  • Day 16 Beijing and back home (China)
    Today a wonderful trip filled with unique and unforgettable experiences comes to its end and you start your return home. (B)

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