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Duration:2 hours (minimum)
Date:upon request
Discounts:%40 (2 people);
%45 (3 people);
%50 (4 people);
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:50 USD
-per person;
-per event;

74 USD
-per person;
-per event;
-private car;

Night Life in Ulaanbaatar

Booz - popular Mongolian dish

  Things to do

 National Theater show

Like to be specific about your activities or short on time, we would be glad and are prepared to meet your objectives.

Below you can find our suggestions. It is updated on a regular basis to make sure you make the most of your travel. Please remember to plan this part of your travel in advance, especially theater and exhibitions due to the seasonal nature of these events and an occassional shortage of tickets for certain shows.


  • Food If you are hungry, there is a wide variety of small eateries and nice restaurants. Best places to taste real Mongolian food is the countryside tourist camps or small local eateries in Ulaanbaatar. Usually there are a plate of greasy mutton and noodles or some buuz (steamed mutton dumplings) or khuurshuur (fried mutton pancakes) with traditional salty tea - if you go to a guanz (Mongolian-style canteen in a ger or even in the train wagon). Try shorlog - the Mongolian barbecue or shish kebab, and khorkhog - when entire goat or sheep is slowly roasted from the inside out by placing hot rocks inside the carcass. The days of food shortages are long gone and there is a reasonable choice of traditional, Asian and Western restaurants in Mongolias capital. Let us know your preference and our consultant in Ulaanbaatar will make a careful selection.

  • Cashmere Factory and Flea Market (advance reservation required) Mongolia is one of the biggest cashmere producers in the world. Dont miss a chance to witness full processing cycle and opportunity to buy a souvenir for wholesale price at the local factory in UlaanBaator. At the Flea Market you will find some very interesting arts and crafts for the price lower than in tourist shops.

  • Folk art performances (available almost daily by various local artists). Cost varies between ~$5-35.

  • National Ballet and Opera House (seasonal, not available during summers) National operas such as Among the Three Sad Hills are brilliant and singers that mostly were trained in Russia are quite professional. Ballet is also good. Cost varies between ~$6-50

  • Naadam Festival (July 11-13, annually). By all means, the Naadam Festival is the "Olympic Games" of Mongolia. It is one of the oldest and biggest traditional annual celebrations among Nomads. It runs for three days in all parts of the country and highlights the greatest athletes in horse racing, archery, and wrestling: Mongolia's most popular sports. The festivities kick off with a colorful parade of athletes, monks, soldiers marching in perfect uniformity, musicians performing powerful military tunes, and Mongolians dressed in Chinggis-style warrior uniforms. Entrance fees for shows average between $15-50 per event.

  • Genghis Khan State Worship Ceremony (27-28 July annually) Visit Genghis Khaan tomb mounted on the bank of the river not far from UlaanBaator (~25km), which is to be believed is a real burial place of the Great Emperor. The celebration is accompanied by shamanistic special performances, folk shows, horse riding.

  • Mini Naadam (22 August, annually) If you missed the "Naadam Festival" celebrated annually in July, there is somewhat an alternative called the "Three games of man" or "Mini Naadam", during which you will also have a chance to see wrestling, folk performance, arching and horse riding.

  • Tsam Dance (Religious Mask Dance) Ceremony (8-9 September, annually). Great event to visit. On the edge of shamanism and modern reality, this dance is dedicated to the rituals of Buddhist teachings that came to Mongolia in the 8th century. By all means it is a theatrical art performance carried by professional artists mixed with apostils, devils, animals and real people.

  • The Mongolian Lunar Calendar New Year (end of January - early March, annually) The idea of this ritual is to celebrate the upcoming Spring and hope it will bring good harvest. Families start preparing for the holiday at least a month in advance to make sure they have plenty of gifts and food. Gers and sheds are cleaned up to spotless condition. After the greetings, the food is placed on the table and the eating and drinking begins for 2 days. Celebration is accompanied by many traditions and intensive singing, and everyone present must participate.

  • Night and dance clubs (daily) They are great, probably because some 65-70 percent of the Mongolian population is younger than 30 years of age.

  • Horse riding (advance reservation required) We would be glad to arrange a short drive outside of UlaanBaator (~ 25km), where you can see countryside and experience Nomadic life by riding a horse. Cost for horse riding w/instructor varies between ~$6-10 per hour.


  • Escort guide (2 hours);
  • Booking fee (incl. ordering & delivery services);

    Not included:

  • Entrance fees/tickets;
  • Meals, snacks, drinks;
  • Accommodations;
  • Time/Fees for pick ups outside of the city center perimeter;
  • Travel/Health insurance;
  • International air or train fares;

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