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Route: - Ulaanbaatar - Terelj Park & Hentii Mountains
Date:upon request
Discounts:from group of 4+ request a quote
Difficulty:Medium activity
Cost:129 USD
[ option 1 ]
NO tour guide
one way transfer
3 hrs ~ 140km
1-5 passengers
price per tour

159 USD
[ option 1 ]
WITH tour guide
one way transfer
3 hrs ~ 140km
1-4 passengers
price per tour

207 USD
[ option 2 ]
NO tour guide
one day tour
8 hrs ~ 200km
1-5 passengers
price per tour

240 USD
[ option 2 ]
WITH tour guide
one day tour
8 hrs ~ 200km
1-4 passengers
price per tour

79 USD
camp lodging
2-4 beds per ger
full board (b/l/d)
per person/night

View of the Ger camp

Horse riding in Terelj Park

  Terelj National Park highlights

 Turtle Rock

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is located near Ulaanbaatar, about 60 km. The Park is a great getaway destination for short and long time visitors. If time allows, spend a night at one of the Mongolian Ger camps in Terelj Park to get the taste of Mongolian culture. Among local attractions are famous Turtle" Rock, man-made park with dinosaur statues, "Arraybal" buddhist temple, "Khagiin Khar" glacier lake, and relaxing views of Tuul River valley.


  • learn about the Terelj National Park
  • stay at Mongolian Ger/Yurt
  • Visit man made Dinosaur Park and Museum
  • Explore "Turtle" & "Old Man Reading a Book" Rocks.
  • Stop by "Arraybal" Buddhist Temple (2km from Mirage camp)
  • Pay tribute to Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue
  • Ride horse, camel (usually available at Ger camps)
  • Visit local Mongolian family to learn about Nomadic life
  • Enjoy Khentii Mountains
  • Relax by Tuul River


    Destinations: Ulaanbaatar city -> Terelj Park (1 hour ~ 60km)

    [Option 1] - Transfer by private car, one way, ~ 3 hours
    Terelj Park is located 60km away from the city. If you need just a transfer to the Park area or Mongolian Ger camp there, book a transfer. Local drivers require 3 hours for a round trip transfer plus time for a pickup from your hotel/airport/train station in Ulaanbaatar city. Note that this option does not include time for sightseeing stops & national park admission (~$3 per person).

    [Option 2] - Driving day tour, 8 hours
    This tour option buy you a car with personal driver for 8 hours (~ 200km). The guide is optional. It works great for folks who like to keep their schedule flexible. The transfer from the city takes about 2 hours (each way). On the way to or from the Ger camp, we will make a stop at the Genghis Khan Statue. If time and weather permit, we will take you to "Aryabal" temple and a local Nomadic family. If you are staying overnight at the Ger camp, the driver will drop you off there and drive back to the city. At the camp, for a small payment, you can ride a horse or camel, rent a fishing gear. You can also hike, trek, or visit neighboring camps on foot to meet other people or join them for bonefire.

    [Supplement]-Camp Lodging, shared Ger, 3 meals, 1 night
    Traditional Mongolians live in cool homes called Gers/Yurts. Spending a night at one of the typical Gers is fun. This supplement includes an overnight at the the Ger camp and full board at the camp. For additional fees, most camps provide horse and camel riding, short tours to nearby camps and ritual sites.


  • Transportation per Itinerary;
  • Terelj National Park entrance fees;
  • Bilingual tour guide (optional);
  • Ger/Yurt Lodging, shared, full board, 1 guest/night (optional);

    NOTE: Each Ger has 2-4 single beds. If you want the whole entire Ger to yourself, additional fees might apply. Request a quote.

    Not included:

  • Entrance fees to Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue;
  • Entrance fees to monasteries & other local ritual places;
  • Horse/camel riding & other activities available at the camp;
  • Travel/Health insurance;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Mongolia Locator
  • Be prepared for "off-roading" experience in the country.

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