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Russia Siberia (Eastern) / Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic)

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Route: - Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic) - Trans-Siberian RR - Trans-Mongolian RR
Duration:see options
Date:upon request
Discounts:%20 (2 people);
%25 (3 people);
%30 (4 people);
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:134 USD
- [option 1]
- walking
- 3 hours
- per person

179 USD
- [option 2]
- driving
- 3 hours
- per person

Lenin's monument - world's largest of its kind

Buryat folk show

  Welcome to Ulan-Ude City

 Exploring Ulan-Ude

Just a short walk along the main streets will make you want to keep walking…Pleasant hilly landscapes, busy yet mellow and peaceful streets composed of Asian and Western mix of architecture, shops selling goods from West and East, waves of aroma from local Asian and European restaurants…It would not be mistaken to say that Ulan-Ude is a city with a “magnetic personality”. Its friendly cultural diversity shaped by an old Siberian city is irresistible.


  • Feel the city's multi cultural spirit;
  • Enjoy the charm of the Siberian wooden architecture.
  • Learn about Buryat culture and try their traditional food.
  • See famous Lenin's head included in the Guinness book of records as the largest known monument of this kind...


    We will start this tour either at the city’s central square representing the modern (soviet) part of Ulan-Ude, or at the “old town” also called “wooden Ulan-Ude” formerly called Verkhneudinsk. In old town we will walk through the streets of Smolina, Sverdlova, Banzarova, Naberezhnaya and Linkhovoina to see the best of Siberian wooden architecture. Along the way, we will make short stops at the Orthodox cathedrals Odigidrievsky (1741) and Troitskaya (1798), continuing on to estate houses of influential merchants Loseva (1820), Gircheneo (1878), Mordovskogo (1875), Goldobina (1888) and Mashanova (1878), which were built in the “Russian classicism” style using both wood and stone materials. While in the old city, we will also pay a visit to the market place and the Technological University (early 1880th), which for many years was a synagogue. In the modern part of the city, we will tour the main Lenin Avenue, visit Revolution Square, and stop at souvenir shops and the Opera theater or Buryat Regional museum to learn the schedule of current cultural affairs for your future reference.


  • Bilingual guide;
  • Private transportation (option 2)

    Not included:

  • Meals or snacks;
  • Time/Fees for pick ups outside of the city center perimeter;
  • Public Transportation (if needed);
  • Travel/Health insurance;

    Special tour-related note:

  • Most museums are closed on Mondays.
  • During fall and winter seasons, to avoid a chance of a cold or rainy day, it is best to take the tour by private car.

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