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Route: - Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Krasnoyarsk - Irkutsk - Ulan-Ude (Buryat Republic) - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok - Trans-Siberian RR
Duration:14 nights (min)+
Date:upon request
Discounts:%3 (2 people);
%5 (3 people);
%7 (4 people);
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:2 400 USD
express train
standard srvs
1st class wagon
2-berth cabin
per person

1 800 USD
express train
standard srvs
2nd class wagon
4-berth cabin
per person

1 400 USD
express train
3rd class wagon
6-berth cabin
per person

350 USD
food services
brkfst and lunch
1st & 2nd class
train time only
cabin delivery

Listed prices are tentative. Train fares fluctuate daily

Ivolginsky Datsan (Buddhist Temple) in Ulan-Ude city

Residents of Local Siberian village

  Custom: Classic Trans-Siberian RR (10 stops)



    Train travel in Russia is a cultural phenomena. Folks on the trains do everything they do at home: change into pajamas, sleepers, relax, read, meet new people, and party. Riding Trans-Siberian with ordinary people is great. Train commradory with images of beautiful landscapes will stay with you forever. Public trains, wagons & cabins vary in classes, service quality and cost. PLEASE NOTE that the prices you see on your left are for travel by "express" trains in cabins with standard services (no meals). If you wish to travel in different class or make more stops, please inquire.


    The Trans-Siberian Railroad should be on the list of wonder's of the world. It is not just the world's longest railroad, it is the worlds' greenest railroad. No diesel, no coal, no gasoline. All trains are pulled by electric powered engines. It takes about 150 hours in average to complete the ride from Moscow to Vladivostok. By the end of the trip you will pass 9259 kilometers, 5753 miles, 7 time zones, 16 major rivers, 14 large tunnels, 87 cities, 19 administrative regions, and 5 major geographical zones: European Russia, Ural Mountains, Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia, and the Russian Far East. This tours includes 10 stops. You can start your journey in Moscow or Vladivostok. We recommend to stay at least 1 night in each city. Moscow offers great sightseeing and cultural experience. Make sure to visit Red Square, Moscow Kremlin, Arbat Street or take a driving tour to see other popular sights. Nizhny Novgorod city is the 4th largest city in Russia. It combines features of large industrial city with provincial Russian countryside. Visit Pechersky Ascension Monastery, All-Russia Exhibition 1896, or take a day cruise on Volga River. Our next stop is Kazan city. It is one of the largest industrial and financial centers of Russia. Since 2000, the city has been undergoing a total renovation. The historical center, including its Kazan Kremlin, has been rebuilt. Yekaterinburg city is one of the largest cities in Russia. To the travel community it is mainly known for Romanov family execution and the place where Europe and Asia meet. Novosibirsk city is a great stop for folks interested in science, music, and archeology. The city stands on the banks of the Ob River. Visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre. Feel like taking a hike after long train rides, Krasnoyarsk city is the one. Take a day tour to Stolby Nature Reserve for a nice hike, or a tour to see mighty Krasnoyarsk Dam on Yenisei River. The stop in Irkutsk will show you that Siberia is not just about cold and exile. Irkutsk city is the gateway to Lake Baikal. It is one of the charming cities in Russia with beautiful wooden architecture. We recommend staying at least 1 nights in the city and 1 night on the lake. The stop in Ulan-Ude will introduce you to the largest Buddhist community in modern Russia. Make sure to visit the The Ivolginsky Datsan (Temple). If time allows, take a day trip to visit the Old Believers. The stop in Khabarovsk city will introduce you to one of the largest cities of the Russian Far East. It is located on the banks of Amur River near Chinese border. During the Soviet period the city was never closed to foreign visitors. This allowed Khabarovsk to save the architecture and develop a friendly culture with many museums, theaters, and strong educational base. Khabarovsk's streets are clean, green, colorful, and full of life. Take a river cruise on Amur river, day tour to see Petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan or trip to Troitskoe village to learn about life of native people, the Nanai. When you arrive to Vladivostok, make sure to visit Egersheld Observation Point for the best view of harbor and the city, check the Pacific Fleet of Russia or take a day trip to see Siberian Tiger refuge. From Vladivostok, you can continue your travel by ferry to Japan or S. Korea, train to N. Korea or Harbin, or fly.


    Leg #1: Moscow <-> Nizhny Novgorod
    Distance: ~ 442km / 274mi
    Departure: 2-4 trains per day, Afternoon and PM
    Travel time: ~ 6.5 hours
    Arrival: early AM

    Leg #2: Nizhny Novgorod <-> Kazan
    Distance: ~ 504km / 313mi
    Departure: 1-3 trains per day, early and late PM
    Travel time: ~ 8-9 hours
    Arrival: AM and early PM

    Leg #3: Kazan <-> Yekaterinburg
    Distance: ~ 875km / 544mi
    Departure: 1-2 trains per day, early and late PM
    Travel time: ~ 17-18 hours
    Arrival: early and late PM

    Leg #4: Yekaterinburg <-> Novosibirsk
    Distance: ~ 1585km / 984mi
    Departure: 1-3 trains per day, PM and early AM
    Travel time: ~ 20-21 hours
    Arrival: early and late PM

    Leg #5: Novosibirsk <-> Krasnoyarsk
    Distance: ~ 762km / 473mi
    Departure: 2-4 trains per day, mostly PM
    Travel time: ~12-14 hours
    Arrival: early and late PM

    Leg #6: Krasnoyarsk <-> Irkutsk
    Distance: ~ 1088km / 676mi
    Departure: 2-3 trains per day, early & late PM
    Travel time: ~ 17-19 hours
    Arrival: mostly PM, some AM

    Leg #7: Irkutsk <-> Ulan-Ude
    Distance: ~ 456km / 283mi
    Departure: 2-3 trains per day, early AM and late PM
    Travel time: 7-8 hours depending on the train
    Arrival: mostly early AM, some PM

    Leg #8: Ulan-Ude <-> Khabarovsk
    Distance: ~ 2884km / 1767mi
    Departure: 1-3 trains per day, early and late PM
    Travel time: ~ 30 hours
    Arrival: early and late PM

    Leg #9: Khabarovsk <-> Vladivostok
    Distance: ~ 766km / 476mi
    Departure: 1-2 trains per day, early and late PM
    Travel time: ~ 13-15 hours
    Arrival: AM and PM

    -Train Fares, express train, standard srvs (no meals), one way;
    -Bedding for 1st class passengers;
    -Train tickets delivery upon arrival in each city;
    -Sokol Orientation Guide;

    Not included:
    -Visa services;
    -Arrival/Departure/Transit Transfers;
    -Travel/Health Insurance;
    -Fees for over sized/weight luggage;

    Special tour-related note:
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