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Mongolia / Altai Tavanbogd - the Land of Eagles

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Route: - Ulaanbaatar - Khovsgol Lake & National Park - Murun
Duration:4 days/3 nights
Date:Upon request
Per flight avail.
Difficulty:Medium activity
Cost:1 279 USD
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1 traveler
package price

1 860 USD
[ option 1 ]
2 travelers
package price

2 430 USD
[ option 1 ]
3 travelers
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395 USD
Local guide srvs
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3 days/2 nights
food&board incl.

Reindeer herd

Uushig Deer stones

  Lake Khovsgol highlights

 "Dark blue pearl" - Lake Khovsgol

Known as the "Dark blue pearl", Lake Khovsgol, is the largest and deepest lake in Mongolia and Central Asian region. Surrounded by mountains, meadows and forest, the area is a complete contrast to the rest of Mongolia, home to a wild sheep, ibex, bear and moose, as well as over 200 species of birds. An amazing 90 rivers flow into the lake, but only a single one flows out - the Eg (also Egiin gol) River making it strikingly similar to the Siberian Lake Baikal in Russia. To reach Lake Khovsgol popular sites, first you will need to get to Moron (also Murun) town about 650km (407mi) north of Mongolia's capital. Landscape of Northern Mongolia is very similar to Russia's Siberia with endless taiga forests, mountains, marshes, lakes and rivers. Roads are poor to none. This is why flying to Moron town makes most sense unless you are on some special expedition or serious fishing adventure.


  • Enjoy lake's perfect conditions for boating, fishing, hiking;
  • Explore unique archeological site of Uushig Deer stones.
  • Witness the beginning of the Eg River
  • See real life of the Dukha/Tsaatan people (reindeer herders)

    TRAVEL OPTIONS:( Tourist map of Mongolia )


    day 1...(in Ulaanbaatar) going to Moron town. Our driver will meet you at the hotel early afternoon and take you to the airport to catch a local flight to Moron. The flight usually departs between 2-4pm, takes about 1.5 hour (~ 650km). Upon arrival to Moron's airport, you will be met by our local driver who will take you to the local hotel in town. After short rest/lunch you will be invited for a driving tour to see unique archeological site of Deer stones located 10km from Moron at the foot of the mountain Uushig. After the tour, return to the hotel. Rest. Supper. Overnight in Moron town.
    day 2...(in Moron) going to to Khovsgol Lake. After breakfast our local driver will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the lake Khovsgol (110km ~ 1.5-2 hours). Upon arrival, free time. Walk around, hike, take a horse ride, enjoy scenery and lake's crystal clear air and water. There are some nice fish you can catch in the lake: Siberian grayling, Kosogol grayling, Asian trout, Arctic cisco, Siberian roach, pike, perch, salmon and sturgeon. Fishing usually takes place from shore or a bridge at the southern end near the town of Khatgal. Some small coves are accessible by kayak and offer excellent fishing. Lunch/Dinner @ overnight in the Lake's Ger camp.
    day 3...(at Lake's Ger camp) going to Eg River and Tsaatan (reindeer herders) family. Meet the driver at the Ger camp early morning. Our first stop is the source area of the legendary Eg River, the only River that flows out of the Lake. Take a walk here, enjoy the scenery. After the Eg river, the driver will take you to the closest Tsaatan family for a visit. We will drive for 50-60km to the place where usually 2-3 Tsaatan families reside in the summer. It is not easier to find Tsaatan people. They are rarely in the same place and usually prefer to stay away from any signs of civilization. After the trip to Tsaatan family (assuming we found one), return to the Ger camp on Lake Khovsgol. Supper. Overnight at the Ger camp.
    day 4...(at Lake's Ger camp) going back to Moron's airport and then to Ulaanbaatar city. After early breakfasts, our driver will take you to Moron's airport (110km) to catch the 2pm flight to Ulaanbaatar city. Upon arrival, transfer to the city/hotel.


  • Airport Transfers in Ulaanbaatar, private car, no guide;
  • Airfare Ulaanbaator - Moron (economy, round trip);
  • Lodging in Moron town, 2* Hotel w/breakfast, 1 night
  • Lodging at Lake Khovsgol, Ger camp, 2 nights
  • All Transfers by Russian Jeep, personal driver (no English);
  • Full board on day 2, 3 and breakfast on day 4.
  • National Park entrance fees;

    Due to seasonal fluctuation of accommodation fees and airfares, Sokol Tours reserves a right to adjust the rates accordingly.

    Not included:

  • Lodging in Ulaanbaatar;
  • Bilingual guide/interpreter;
  • Drinks (juices, bottled water);
  • Photo/video tips (paid on the spot to the Reindeer family);
  • Travel/Health insurance;
  • Fees for oversized/weight luggage on domestic flights;

    please request a quote for the activity/service you wish to add.

    Explore Lake Khovsgol. Experience Lake's vastness and beauty by taken a private boat from Khatgal village to Khankh village located in the northern part of the lake. This trip requires minimum 2-3 days and depends on weather. To hire a speed boat for round trip (approx. 250km) will cost between $2500-3000. Same trip can be done by a 4x4 jeep for $700-1000 if you dont mind long drive (min 12 hours each way) in extreme conditions of very poor road.

    Taimen fishing adventure. Best area for Taimen fishing in Mongolia is Darkhad Valley. It will take full day of driving to reach the fishermen camp near Renchinlkhumbe village. Camp is basic but right next to the rivers you will be fishing: Shishged and Sharga Rivers. Both rivers are great for Taimen fishing. We recommend to spend 4-6 days to fish both rivers, plus 3-4 days for the road to/from closest airport.

    Visit homeland of Tsaatan people. The only guaranteed way to meet Dukha/Tsaatan people (reindeer herders) is to visit their historic land. There are two main areas in Mongolia where the Tsaatan community lives and herds reindeer, called the East Taiga and West Taiga respectively. There is no easy way to reach it. First tourists will have to drive full day from Khatgal village to Tsagaan Nuur village and then take 2-3 days horse trek thru a complete wilderness. This trip is not for everyone, but sure is one of a kind.

    Special tour-related note:

  • Make sure to have sun, mosquito, dust, rain protection.
  • When packing, keep in mind that most domestic flights in Mongolia have limits for luggage weight (10kg/22 pounds).
  • Click here for information about Mongolian Gers.
  • The fishing season at Lake Khovsgol is rather short with fishing prohibited before July 10. Fishing license and basic gear can be purchased locally in Khatgal town.

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