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Russia Ural Mountains / Yekaterinburg

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Route: - Yekaterinburg - Trans-Siberian RR
Duration:see options
Date:upon request
Discounts:%35 (2 people);
%40 (3 people);
%40 (4 people);
Difficulty:Easy / No activity
Cost:96 USD
- per person;
- [option 1];

136 USD
- per person;
- [option 2];

The Square named after 1905 year

Local artisans on Lenin Street

  Yekaterinburg the City

 Monument to founders of Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is the city of time contrasts. Just like St. Petersburg, often called the “Window to Europe”, Yekaterinburg becomes Russia’s “Window to Asia” in the early 17th century and the backbone for metal production. From a small fortress founded in 1723, it grew into the third largest city of Russia with the population close to 1.5 million people. Located right on the border of Europe and Asia, it is influenced by both Russian and Siberian cultures. Far enough from political intrigues of the capital, Yekaterinburg managed to keep intact many original “footprints” of its turbulent history and can be rightfully called a “life museum” of the Russian Empire, USSR and modern Russia.


  • The historical center and the city Pond. Main features of this part of the city are the 300-year-old water damn (Plotinka) and the 9-foot monument to the founders of Yekaterinburg city erected right at the spot where they built their first iron mill in 1723. A short walk around will introduce you to the 18th century architecture as evindenced by several original buildings and the people of Yekaterinburg, who favor the place for socializing and leisure.

  • The St. Catherine chapel. Originally, it was the first cathedral of Yekaterinburg built by the founders in 17th century. In 1930th it was destroyed per Stalin’s order and 1990, reborn in the form of a small chapel...

  • The central city square named after the 1905 revolution. Traditionally accompanied by administrative buildings, statues of Lenin and other historical figures and crowds of running people, this is where the city rules and celebrates. Although it was not always like that. Before the 1917 revolution, the square had a different name and a beautiful cathedral…

  • The city history museum*. Among the many exhibits, one is particularly interesting. It is called the “Ural in the 18th century” and features wax mannequins of the bearded Czar Nicholas, Empress Alexandra, their sickly heir Alexei and their four beautiful daughters are all portrayed in a pleasant family pose.

  • The Lenin street. By all means this is the central Avenue of Yekaterinburg and home to an interesting mixture of past and present. Along the way we will pass merchant houses built in 18th century, the WWII monument; local artist galleries; the church dedicated to the last Russian Emperor and his family; the University; western chain of fast food restaurants and luxurious supermarkets.

  • The Voznesenksaya Hill. This site will provide you with great views and lots of stories about the Old Believers of Urals and the “golden rush in 1814”.


    [Option 1] - 3 hours, walking, with bilingual guide;
    During this tour, our guide will take you for a walk around historical center of Yekaterinburg. We will stop by the city Pond, Catherine chapel, City square and end our tour at the City museum.

    [Option 2] - 3 hours, driving, with bilingual guide;
    This tour gives you much broader perspective on the city and saves you from possible rain or cold. Our driver and the guide will pick you up from the hotel. The tour starts at the historical part of the city. We will stop by the city Pond, Catherine chapel, City square, and the City museum. Next, we will continue along the main city's Avenue, the Lenin Street, to Voznesenskaya Hill to learn about "golden age" and "old believers" of Yekaterinburg.


  • Professional guide;
  • Transportation as described;
  • Museum admission fee (1);

    Not included:

  • Meals or snacks;
  • Special/Feature museum exhibition fees;
  • Time/Fees for pick ups outside of the city center perimeter;
  • Travel/Health insurance;

    Special tour-related note:
    *Alternative museums (upon request)

  • Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Museum of Writers (Literature block);
  • Mineralogical museum.
  • Military-historical museum.
  • Regional Museum.

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