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Route: - Kursk - Moscow
Duration:1-2 days
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:535 USD
[ option 1 ]
no guide: 1 day
by sedan vehicle
1-3 passengers
price per tour

680 USD
[ option 2 ]
no guide: 2 days
by sedan vehicle
1-3 passengers
price per tour

270 USD
Book a guide
your language
1 day tour

350 USD
Book a guide
your language
2 days tour

Prokhorovka memorial

Prokhorovka memorial

  The Battle of Kursk

 Kursk front line

The "Battle of Kursk (5 July23 August 1943) remains both the largest series of armored clashes, and the costliest single day of aerial warfare in history. It actually never came within range of Kursk city itself. Instead, its decisive clash was fought well to the southwest, on the outskirts of the small town of Prokhorovka. The name is obscure outside Russia, but to military historians it signifies the largest and most destructive encounter ever waged with 257,125388,000 casualties.


Prokhorovka village (southern section): the Battle of Prokhorovka (12 July 1943) is the largest tank battle in military history. The Germans had first thought they were almost through the defenses and were expecting nothing more than a few anti-tank guns; instead, they met over 800 tanks. Tour to Prokhorovka includes visits to several sites with major memorial complex called The Great Tank Battle of the Kursk Bulge with a large bell tower, museum and field displaying Russian tanks, tank-killers, armored vehicles and howitzers. Among other sites are memorial complex "Southern point of Kursk battle" near Yakovlevo village and obelisk to the pilot Gorobets.
Svoboda village (northern section): this tour includes visits to the headquarter of Marshal Rokossovsky who conducted defensive operations in the Kursk salient, and then led the counterattack defeating the last major German offensive on the eastern front.
Poniry Village (northern section): over 1000 tanks wheeled and fought on the heights west of the village, while entire Infantry Divisions fought a hand to hand struggle for control of the village. On the 7th of July, the village changed hands no less than 5 times. Over 15,000 infantry casualties mounted through the course of the day. Poniry village tour includes visits to local museum, defensive lines, Teplovskie heights, train station, monument to sappers, memorial to communication specialists, and a memorial to artillery division.


[Options 1] - Full day (~ 12 hours)
It takes 490km (306mi) to complete the tour. Our driver will pick you up from the hotel or train in Kursk city and drive to Svoboda village followed by Poniry village and finally end the tour in Prokhorovka village. In order to make good time, sites have to be visited briefly, literally 10-15 min. Depending on the traffic, weather, there might be no time for lunch break, so take snacks/drinks with you or buy them from local stores as you go.

[Options 2] - 2 days / 1 night

day #1: driver/guide meet tourists at the hotel or train station and begin 1.5 hour introductory tour of Kursk city with short stops at major streets, the museum of Kursk battle and few memorials. After the city tour, we will drive (30-40 min) to Svoboda village for 4-5 hours tour there including time for lunch. Our last stop today will be Poniry village. Here we will spend 1-1.5 hours touring sites and museum. Closer to 18:00pm we will drive back to Kursk city. Our driver will drop you off at the hotel or place you need to be at.
day #2: driver/guide will pick you up from the hotel at 9-10am and take you to Prokhorovka village. During the drive (1.5 hours) we will stop at the Yakovlevo village to visit nearby memorial complex. Our next and last stop today will be a memorial complex The Great Tank Battle. Take your time here, 2 hours should be plenty. If hungry, feel free to ask your driver to take you to Prokhorovka village for lunch there. Close to 15:30-16:00pm we will drive back (1.5 hour) to Kursk. Our driver will drop you off at the hotel or train station.

let us know if you need help with accommodations in Kursk


  • Private vehicle w/personal driver + gasoline;
  • Bilingual guide (optional)

    Not included:

  • Accommodations;
  • Meals/Snacks/Drinks;
  • Admission fees to Memorial complexes & musems;
  • Visa registration fees;
  • Pickups outside of the city center perimeter (in Kursk);
  • Health/Travel Insurance;

    Special tour-related note:

    TENTATIVE ADMISSION FEES (must be paid in Rubbles):
    Prokhorovka memorial - $8-11;
    Headquarter of command center - $4-6
    Poniry museum - $8-11
    Additional fees apply for local guiding services


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