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Russia Far East / Khabarovsk

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Sikhachi-Alyan Petroglyphs (rock drawings)

Nanai cradle made form the bark of birch tree

  Ancestors of Amur land

 Nanai babushka

Khabarovsk provides the perfect base from which you can explore culture of native people of the Russian Far East, particularly Nanai people, and witness archeological sites with rock drawings of 7-6 millennium B.C.


  • The Nanai people. Anthropologically, they represent a pure Mongolian type. The total number living in Russia is 12 thousand. Most of them are settled along Amur River basin and just like their ancestors, fishing and hunting remains their main source for living. Over years, they mastered their skills to a perfection when it comes to making clothes and shoes from animal skin and fur. Each item is a true peace of art, hand made with individual look depending on the purpose for either hunting, fishing, wedding, funeral or Shamanistic ritual.
  • Sikhachi-Alyan Petroglyphs (rock drawings). First information appeared in 1970th. Stone Age images of masks, animals, birds (about 300 in all) carved on the huge basalt boulders were discovered along Amur River and immediately made its way to the list of most unique witnesses of our civilization. The mystery and message of the images are yet to be defined...
  • Sikhachi-Alyan village. See and experience day-to-day life of Nanai people living in the small village. Visit their tiny museum to learn about the history and culture of their ancestors.
  • Troitskoe town. From small village it grew into an administrative center of Nanai district. The impact of rapid industrial development did not avoid traditional life of local people. Some by fate, some by choice emerged with the pace of modern civilization, and along with the destructive influence, also managed to create new generation of masters in professional art, music and writing.


    [Option #1] - 12 hrs, by private car w/bilingual guide:
    Depart Khabarovsk at 9am. Drive for 2 hours (75km/49mi) to our first destination - the Sikhachi-Alyan rock drawings site. Sightseeing. Next stop is the Sikhachi-Alyan village. Meet local people. Sightseeing. Visit to local museum. Continue driving (~8km) to Troitskoe village. Sightseeing. Lunch. Folk concert. Late afternoon, we will return to Khabarovsk city.


  • Professional guide;
  • General museum (1) entrance fees;
  • Transportation (as described);
  • Lunch (1);
  • Folk concert;
  • Excursion to petroglyphs (rock drawings) site;

    Not included:

  • Special exhibitions fees;
  • Visa cost;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Gifts or tips;

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