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Route: - Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Vladivostok - Trans-Siberian RR
Duration:9 + nights
Date:year around
Discounts:%3 (2 people);
%5 (3 people);
%7 (4 people);
Difficulty:Not applicable
Cost:1 850 USD
express train
standard srvs
1st class wagon
2-berth cabin
per person

1 300 USD
express train
standard srvs
2nd class wagon
4-berth cabin
per person

950 USD
express train
3rd class wagon
6-berth cabin
per person

250 USD
food services
brkfst and lunch
1st & 2nd class
train time only
cabin delivery

Listed prices are tentative. Train fares fluctuate daily

Siberian window ornaments

Relaxing at the train window

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    Traveling the Trans-Siberian by public trains is fun. Trains depart daily, year around. You have a decent choice to meet your budget and comfort preferences. You will meet real people, socialize, experience culture first hand. Public trains, wagons & cabins vary in classes, service quality and cost. NOTE that the prices you see on your left are for travel by "express" trains in cabins with standard services (no meals). If you wish to travel in different class or make more stops, please inquire.


    This is one of the most popular trips. Travelers start either in Moscow or Vladivostok and make stops in Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk cities. During the trip, you will have a chance to exlore 4 major parts of Russia: European Russia, Ural Mountains, Eastern Siberia, and the Russian Far East. We recommend to stay at least 1 night in each city. Check the Diamond Fund, Moscow Circus, Bolshoi Theater, Tretyakov Gallery, take a day tour into the country to see Russias Golden Ring towns. In Vladivostok, make sure to visit the Golden Horn Bay to see the Pacific Fleet of Russia or take a day trip to see Siberian Tiger refuge. Enjoy Irkutsk city, one of the oldest in Eastern Siberia with great history and cultural presence. And of course, the Lake Baikal!!! Yekaterinburg city (former Sverdlovsk) is one of the largest cities in Russia. To the travel community it is mainly known for Romanov family execution, birth and work place of Boris Yeltsin, mineral museums, and the place where Europe and Asia meet.


    Leg #1: Moscow < - > Yekaterinburg
    Distance: ~ 1668km / 1036mi
    Departure: 3+ trains per day, early and late PM
    Travel time: 2 days/1 night; ~ 30 hours
    Arrival: early and late PM

    Leg #2: Yekaterinburg < -> Irkutsk
    Distance: ~ 3375km / 2097mi
    Departure: 1-3 trains per day, PM and early AM
    Travel time: 3-4 days/2-3 nights; ~55 hours
    Arrival: AM and early PM

    Leg #3: Irkutsk < - > Vladivostok
    Distance: ~ 4100km / 2551mi
    Departure: 1-2 trains per day, early AM and late PM
    Travel time: 4 days/3 nights; ~ 70 hours
    Arrival: early AM and late PM

    -Train Fares, express train, standard srvs (no meals), one way;
    -Bedding for 1st class passengers;
    -Train tickets delivery upon arrival in each city;
    -Sokol Orientation Guide;

    Not included:
    -Sightseeing Tours/excursions;
    -Train Bedding (2nd and 3rd class);
    -Arrival/Departure/Transit Transfers;
    -Russian Visa and Registration;
    -Fees for over sized/weight luggage;
    -Travel/Health Insurance;

    Special tour-related note:
    Public Trains, Wagons, Cabins
    Virtual Tour of the #1 Rossiya train
    Travelers Impressions
    Photo Tour by Claudine and Leo Granbichler
    Moscow-Vladivostok: virtual journey on Google Maps

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