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Route: - Tashkent - Chimkent - Almaty - Bishkek - Urumqi - Kashgar - Silk Route RR - Torugart Pass
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%7 (4 people);
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Cost:452 USD
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-per person;

Kazakh Semi-desert

Mountains near Lake Issyk-Kul

  Silk Route of Central Asia

 World Locator

The Central Asian portion of the Silk Route is a must see destination for anyone interested in eastern cultures. Traditionally it covers Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the Xinjiang province of Western China and the Bayan Olgii province of Western Mongolia. Throughout history, the region was part of several very old Persian states. Alexander the Great passed through this region and married the daughter of a local chieftain Schematic Map

near Samarkand. Under the Kushan Empire, Buddhism took hold. In the 6th century AD, Western Turks brought Islam and a written alphabet followed by Genghis Khans invasion. What you have today is a rich mosaic of multilanguage cultures with strong ties to traditions of the past. It is a true native land of ancient civilizations with majestic cities, beautiful palaces, mosques, minarets and madrasahs erected thousands of years ago.


  • The goal of this tour is to give you the feel of the region by bringing you to major centers of Central Asia via optimal rail and auto routes, from where you can explore each country or region in greater detail.
  • See the "Route" section (upper left corner) for information about destinations (click to open) included in the Itineraries below.
  • Enjoy immersion with local people while riding the train.
  • Experience the cultural and linguistic diversity of Central Asia.

    Pre-departure: The Itinerary options listed below cover Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang province of China only. We did not include Turkmenistan because of the lengthy visa processing (1.5 - 2 months). If you do wish to add Turkmenistan to your travel, it is not a problem. There are daily flights from Tashkent to Ashgabat as well as auto options. Tashkent, Almaty and Urumqi cities can be reached by air via Europe, Russia or Asia. Tashkent, Almaty and Bishkek cities also have direct train connections with Moscow (Russia).

    OPTION #1: Tashkent-Chimkent-Almaty-Urumqi

  • DAY #1: Depart Tashkent city by private car. After 30 minutes of driving, we will reach the Uzbek/Kazakh border at Chernyaevka town. After passport/visa control, we will continue driving for another 2.5-3 hours to Chimkent city. The road (150km/94mi) from Tashkent to Chimkent goes through semi-desert, paved and is in good shape. Upon arrival, the driver will take you for a lunch and short city tour. Closer to 17:00PM, we will take you to the train station unless you decide to stay in Chimkent for overnight. Depart Almaty city at 18:00PM. Overnight on the train.

  • DAY #2+: Arriving to Almaty city at 09:00AM. We recommend to spend 2-3 nights in Almaty to explore the city and surrondings.
  • DAY #3+: [Mon* & Sat only] Depart Almaty by train at 22:40PM.
    *Avoid Monday trains. Very busy with little chance to get a seat.
  • DAY #4+: On board. There is one very long stop (~ 5 hours) on the Kazakh/Chinese border at the Druzhba/Dostyk point for passport control and to adjust the train wheels. Normally trains are equipped with air conditioners in the summer. Take plenty of water with you.
  • DAY #5+: Arriving to Urumqi city at 07:00AM.

    - Uzbek, Kazakh (double), Kyrgyz visa supports (invitation letters);
    - Auto transfers as descirbed;
    - Train fares, 1st class (2 people per cabin);
    - Tours / Excursions as described;
    - Delivery fees for train tickets upon arrival in each city;
    - Sokol Orientation Guide;

    *Train Fares and Schedule are subject to change without notice.

    Not included:
    - Accommodations;
    - Bilingual guide during train rides and car transfers;
    - Embassy fees for processing Visas;
    - Visa Registration fees upon arrival to each country;
    - Snacks/Meals/Drinks;
    - Train Bedding;
    - Travel/Health Insurance;
    - Fees for over sized/weight luggage;
    - Video & photo camera fees at the museums;

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