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Visa processing

Complete Visa processing with Sokol Tours includes:

 - Processing appropriate form of Visa Support;
 - Submitting Visa Support along with other required data and materials to the Russian
   Consulate for Visa Processing;
 - Delivery to you by Express Mail.


Note that Complete Visa Processing with Sokol is generally available only to US and Canadian residents. The processing time indicated reflects the time between when Sokol Tours has received both all required materials and payment and when the visa is shipped. Depending on your location, you may want to add 1-2 days for shipping. Also, note that the Russian Consulate takes all holidays of Russia and the country in which it is located, causing processing time to be extended.

The prices below are based on delivery to a US mailing address. If you must receive your visa in another country, please contact a Sokol travel consultant for arrangements.

Processing time

The processing times below do not include delivery time from the Russian consulate to you, as this may vary slightly depending on your location.

Tourist Visas (click on price to add items to your Duffle bag)

Type and duration
Processing time

12 bus. days
Single entry up to 30 days429$
Double entry up to 30 days429$
Multiple entry 1 year480$

Visa Registration

The system of registering all foreign visitors implemented by Soviet Union during the cold war, unfortunately, did not vanish with the collapse of the USSR. It remains a must law in Russia as well as several newly Independent States and is strictly enforced by the local police in each city. Although it has gone through considerable modification and is under constant revision to ease the travel prospective, it can be a cause for stress if ignored. There are usually several options how and where to registry your visa. To make sure you dont waste valuable time by dealing with the bureaucracy upon arrival, please contact your travel Consultant in advance to make sure the registration is arranged and will not affect your budget and travel plans. The fees for visa registration range from $1 to $150. There are also hefty fines for not following the requirements.


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