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  The City
(Locator); (Russia Tourist Map)...In the early seventies the Soviet government launched a giant project targeting untapped mineral and lumber resources of the Russian Far East. It was to be called the BAM Railway. Built from scratch, the city of Tynda became the capital and administrative center of the BAM. Geographically it is located in the East of Russia northwest of Vladivostok. Regionally it is the Amur Region of the Russian Federation. It is also almost on the southern border with Yakutia-Sakha Republic of the Russian Federation. The closest large cities are Blagoveschensk (one hour by plane and 12 hours by train), Khabarovsk (30 hours by train), and Nerungri (8 hours by train). Tynda has a small local airport. It is possible to fly via Blagoveschensk, the capital of the Amur Region. It is connected by railway with most cities in Russia, including Moscow. Tynda is a compact city due to many multi-story buildings. Population is under 50,000. Entertainment, in the form of venues (theaters, museums, etc.) is not as obvious in Tynda. Most people spend their free time at home or visiting friends and family for tea parties or dinner. During the summer Tynda residents go to the taiga (forest) to pick berries and mushrooms and for picnics. As in much of Russia, Tynda residents rely on local agricultural production and cooking at home to bring these costs back in line. The people of Tynda are well educated and have great attitude towards life. Most are young, and came to the BAM following adventure and romance. Today's economic situation has of course put great strain on all Russians, especially those in remote areas, but it is this attitude of self-survival and enjoyment of each other's company that keeps cities like Tynda going during these times.


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