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Destinations \ Mongolia \ Altai Tavanbogd - the Land of Eagles

Altai Tavanbogd - the Land of Eagles


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The Altai Tavan Bogd (Five Saints) mountains of Bayan Olgii province in Mongolia are the highest peaks in the Mongol Altai Range, which stretches some 2,000km (1,250mi) from the Gobi desert to the Greater Himalaya in Pakistan and Russia on the North. It is composed of different types of shale, granites and other rocks of paleozois age and is home to golden eagle, wolf and snow leopard. The Five Saints include Mt Khuiten (4,354m), Mongolia's highest peak, Mt Nairandal (Friendship), which marks the intersection of the borders of Russia, China and Mongolia, and Mt Snow Church (4,100m), arguably the most beautiful mountain in NE Asia. Lush alpine pastures make ideal grazing lands during the summer months and local herders bring their herds of yaks, sheep and horses, adding a cultural element to the mountains. Among the many glaciers of Mongolia, the biggest one is located in Altai Tavan Park and called Tsagaan-gol, situated in the upper reaches of a river of the same name, attaining a length of over 20 km.

One of the most interesting activities among locals, which serve both living and entertainment, is the eagle hunting. There is special even dedicated for that matter. It is conducted annually and called The Golden Eagle Festival.


Combo (<10 days) / Hunting with Eagles in Mongolia

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