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Kyzyl (Tuva Republic)

train from Moscow - none    plane from Moscow - ~ 6 hours

  Young archeologists studying Nomadic culture
(Locator); (Russia Tourist Map)...Kyzyl city is the capital of Tuva Republic located at the confluence of two major tributaries of the Yenisei and Bii-Khem rivers. Founded in 1914, Kyzyl city was first called Belotsarsk until 1917 and Khem-Beldyr until 1926. According to geographers, Kyzyl city is positioned right in the center of Asia, which is proudly claimed by a local monument specifically dedicated to this fact. The ethnic composition of the Tuvan people is complex. It is comprised of several Turkic groups of Tuvan, Altai, Khakas, and Karagas peoples. Among the 300,000 inhabitants of Tuva, one quarter are nomads still living in their round tents made of felt, known as yurts. If you are in Kyzyl for a short time, take a walk along Ulug-Hem embankment and reach the Center of Asia monument. If you are there on weekdays you can attend the national Huresh wrestling competition held on the field of a stadium inside the park. Stop by the Tuvan Buddhist temple, National Museum of the Tuvan Republic to see exhibitions of Scythian gold (Kurgan tombs Arzhan-1 and Arzhan-2, located 60 kilometers from Kyzyl, revealed countless refined treasures of the Scyth era). If you are in Kyzyl for few days, make sure to visit salt lakes (20 to 50km from town), visit the Old Believers settlements in the villages of Belbey, Uzhep, Sizim, and Yerzhey in the middle of the taiga, 140 kilometers from town. If you are in Tuva in July, you will be able to see a special music event that takes place near the city of Chadan town. The Ustuu-Hurje festival gathers bands and performers for an outdoor show. Musicians are often accompanied by Shamans, who are also a local attraction. If you are planning to stay in Tuva for two weeks, consider taking a master class in throat singing — there are a variety of techniques to learn. If you are interested in trying local dishes, Ene-Sai restaurant offers such delicacies as bashtak (Tuvan cheese), khan (black pudding), and chartyk manchy (dumplings) on their regular menu. Suvon restaurant is located outside the center but on the way to the Kyzyl airport and is famous for its Korean cuisine.


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"Center of Asia" monument Recently built temple in Kyzyl Mountains of Tuva


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