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(Locator)...Suzdal town is off the beaten path in some ways, with no train station, and the bus station two kilometers out of town. It is a small provincial town with population of approximately 13 thousand located in Vladimir region within 280km/175mi northeast of Moscow. The first written mention of Suzdal dates back to the year of 1024. In the 12th-14th centuries Suzdal was one of the most powerful towns of ancient Rus. Both Suzdal and neighboring Vladimir are noted in particular for architectural masterpieces of the 12th-17th centuries, many with a unique style. When walking around Suzdal, you note in particular a number of churches that seems ridiculously disproportionate to the town's size. According to local legend, when the town was a flourishing market for traders and merchants, there was a rule of business ethics of a sort whereby if a merchant or trader cheated another in business, he was to contribute something to the church, this contribution scaled in proportion to the "sin" committed. The most serious transgressions led to the building of an entire church for the community. Whether this legend is true or not, the sheer number of churches, all unique in their architecture, might make you stop and wonder. During the summer, Suzdal feels more like a museum city, while in winter, without the hordes of tourists, it takes back its sense of a town studded with churches and monasteries. A short walk from Suzdals center is the main cathedral group: the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral, the Archbishops Chambers, and St. Nicholas Church. Inside the Cham-bers is the excellent Suzdal History Exhibit. All of Suzdals sights are within easy walking distance no matter what the weather. Those sights include the rundown Monastery of the Deposition of the Holy Robe with its impressive gate, entrance turrets and bell tower, the Alexander Convent, Saviour Monastery of St. Euthymius and the Intercession Convent.


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