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Destinations \ Russia Siberia (Eastern) \ Abakan (Khakasia Republic)

Abakan (Khakasia Republic)

train from Moscow - ~ 80 hours    plane from Moscow - ~ 5 hours

  Abakan Train station
(Locator); (Russia Tourist Map)...Abakan city is an administrative center of Republic of Khakassiaof the Russian Federation. Geographically, it is located in southern Siberia right above western Mongolia. There is a good chance that the city would remain a town of cattle breeders, if not for the construction of a 647km (405mi) rail line called “Taishet-Abakan”. In 1960, after a lengthy “struggle” with the Sayan Mountains, the city finally received permanent access to the Trans-Siberian Railway linking remote areas of Khakassia and its neighbors with closest transportation hubs. Today, Abakan is a relatively large industrial and agricultural center with population of 160,000 people and dominating images of typical “soviet” infrastructure and architecture. What really makes the area special is the incredible specter of nature and cultural diversity, and of course, the archeological and historical discoveries related to the Scythian period. The centuries-old burial mounds and caves with ancient drawings of animals and men on the walls, some dated with more than 7 thousand years old. The earliest settlements of ancient man appeared here more than 30,000 years ago. Just a short 4 hours drive will surprise you with constantly changing landscape represented by mountain rivers and lakes, steppes, the taiga forest, tundra, alpine meadows and even desert. Mixed with enigmatic sunsets, migrating horses and people, deep blue sky and “voices” of ancient drawings, you will feel the power of the space with its own meanings and rituals directing the course of life in the area for centuries. If interested in flora and fauna, there are about 1,526 types of plants found on the territory of Khakassia, 28 of them grow only locally and 204 used in Tibetan Medicine. The area is also one of the major routes for bird’s migration and offers great and rare opportunity to witness unspoiled environment.


3*htl Park Otel


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Khakassia's stones


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