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Destinations \ Mongolia \ Khuduu Aral - the Genghis Khan land

Khuduu Aral - the Genghis Khan land


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Khuduu Aral is the place known to Mongols as the cradle of Genghis Khan, and majestic views. It is believed that the palace of Genghis Khan was standing in this area surrounded by a vast steppe shaped by the southern tip of the Kherlen Bayan Ulaan mountain and the valley of the Kherlen river. Not far from Ulaanbaatar (only 160km / 100mi southeast), this is a great destination for admirers of history, horse riders, and sightseeing. The famous Mongolian Secret Story was also written here. In 1990, this event was marked by a monument to celebrate the 750th anniversary.


Combo (<10 days) / GenghisKhan Steppes by horse
Combo (>10 days) / Highlights of Central Mongolia
Excursion / Ulaanbaatar the City

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