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Destinations \ Mongolia \ Arkhangai Province Wonders
(Terkhiin, Ugii Lakes, Horgo Park..)

Arkhangai Province Wonders
(Terkhiin, Ugii Lakes, Horgo Park..)

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sky view Arkhangai is a large province lying ~ 400k northeast of Ulaanbaatar. Best start for exploring the province is from Tsetserleg, the regional capital or Arkhangai. Just a few minutes of driving outside of of the town will quickly tell you that you are on the right way. The area and its wild vastness is perfect for bird watching, fishing, hiking, geology, history and archaeology fans. The landscape of the province is dominated by Hangai mountains, steppes and the taiga forests on the North with numerous valleys, rivers, lakes, marshes and relics of volcanic activities in the past.

Below are few top popular destaintions of Arkhangai Province:

  • Orkhon River is among the top largest in Mongolia. It begins in the Khangai Mountains and flows north for ~1.124km until the Selenge River, where it empties its waters. Along with waterfalls and many legends, Orkhon River is particulary known for its reach and diverse fish population. Among common species are Pike, Mirror Carp, Baikal Sturgeon, Taimen, Sig, River Perch, Siberian Umber, Roach, Ide, Bull Ide, Golden Carp, Amur Catfish and Burbot.

  • Tamir River is a mid size river. It begins in the Archangai mountains and runs northeast for ~ 280km where it empties into the Orkhon river. Remarkably, being a medium size river, some parts of Tamir reach a width of 70m and a depth up to 2m (great for fishing!). In the winter Tamir River is covered with thick ice shield making it perfect place for winter games among local residents.

  • Chuluut River is a goog size river. It begins in Khangai Mountains and flows north for ~ 415km where it confluences with Ider River and then both discharge their waters into the Selenge River. There is a section (~ 100km) of Chuluut River, where it cuts through a canyon formed by volcanic rocks, providing great views and fishing experience.

  • Ugii Lake (depth - 1387m; surface area - 25 sq. km) is known for its reach bird and fish diversity. The fish population is represented by pike, catfish, barscharten, which are the most common types providing enough fish for industrial fishing. Fifty to eighty tons are caught annually. Among the birds, it is not rare to spot at Swan Goose, White Spoonbill and Dalmatian Pelican.

  • Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake (depth-4~10m; width-16km; length-20km) is known for unique geneses. It was formed by Horgo volcano's lava thousands of years ago, which dammed two nearby rivers creating a reservoir with astonishingly beautiful crystal clear water. The lake has fish mainly represented by Pike. Many rare birds are found in the area during migration and summer seasons. In 1965, the Terkhiin Lake and extinct Horgo volcano area were proclaimed as a National Park to preserve original views and wildlife represented by Red Deer, Siberian Deer, Wild Bear, Ruddy Shelduck and many types of Ducks. Great Cormorant is common in summer, nesting around the lake.

  • Nature Museum. If you are in Tsetserleg town or around, consider a visit to a local museum located in the beautiful valley to see excellent dioramas of the local wildlife.

  • Monastery and Regional Museum. Not far, just north of Tsetserleg town, at the foot of Bulgan Uul mountain, there is a large old Buddhist Monastery called Zayayn Gegeenii Huree, remarkably intact, preserved as a museum- but with an active community of monks. The first temple was opened in 1586, expanded to 5 temples in 1679. At its peak it may have had 200 to 1,000 monks, today 70 monks are in residence. Much of the monastery now houses the Museum of Arkhangai Province. The contents are magnificent, housing many treasures, clothes, seals, games, weapons, ceremonial masks and memorabilia of the last Gegeen and household, including sculptures by Sanshir and a fine collection of Mongolian musical instruments.

  • Hot spring with sulfur water.A short ride (~ 30km) from Tsetserleg town will bring you to the remarkable hot spa of 'Tsehkher-Jiguur' supported by sulfide hot water springs (+86,5C). Formerly piped to provide hot water to greenhouses for cultivation of tomatoes and cucumber year-round, since 1996, the waters are used for spa purposes. Feel free to stop by and take a bath.

  • Sacred pinnacle of granite. Taikhar Chuluu is a mysterious steep-sided pinnacle of granite, 25m high, almost impossible to climb, rising abruptly from the flat grassland of the gravel spreads of the Tamir River. There is no agreement amongst geologists on the origin of this puzzling phenomenon. The pinnacle is worshipped as a deity, and remains an enigma.

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