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Destinations \ Mongolia \ Khustain Park - home of wild ponies

Khustain Park - home of wild ponies


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Not far from Ulaanbaatar, 100km (62mi) south-west, in 1993 the government founded the Khustain Nuruu Nature Reserve to preserve Mongolia's wild takhi horses and the steppe environment in which they live. Also known as Przewalski's horse (named after the Russian explorer), the takhi used to roam the countryside in great herds. In the 1960s they almost became extinct because of the poachers and livestock overgrazing. In the early 1990s, with assistance from international environmental groups, many takhi were reintroduced into their natural habitat of Khustain Nuruu and South Gobi areas. About 200 now live in this parks or in the wild.


Combo (<10 days) / Biking in Central Mongolia
Combo (>10 days) / Highlights of Central Mongolia
Day/Weekend / Nomadic Family Immersion
Excursion / Ulaanbaatar the City

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