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Trans-Manchurian RR

Route Map...To many Russian historians, the Trans-Manchurian Railroad is one of the chapters they dont like to talk about. It ended up being one of the largest economic and political losses for the country, which was never recovered. Due to the shape of the border with China, and to save time and money, Russia made a deal with China to build the very Eastern leg of the Trans-Siberian Railroad across northern Chinese Region of Manchuria. At the time, Russian-Chinese relations were good and everybody was a winner. It took 12 years to build the Eastern Chinese line. It was put into operations in 1903 and went from the Russian Chita region (Zabaikalsk station) through Manchuria via Harbin city to the Russian Pogranichnaya station (now Grodekovo station). Completing the Eastern Chinese line finally made it possible for trains to travel from Europe all the way to the Pacific cost until the Russian-Japanese war in 1905. Manchuria was already occupied by the Japanese, and it quickly became clear that the Eastern Chinese section of the Trans-Siberian road could no longer be used by Russia. It left the Czar's government no choice but to build a new railway section on the territory of Russia along the Chinese border. After a long and expensive venture, the traffic was finally re-opened in 1915. Later, the Eastern Chinese line was connected to Beijing and became known as the Trans-Manchurian Railroad.


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