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Destinations \ Russia Far East \ Chara town (Kadar Mtn. Range)

Chara town (Kadar Mtn. Range)

(Locator); (Russia Tourist Map)...Novaya Chara (New Chara) train station/town was founded in connection to the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline in the 1980s. New Char is located 16 kilometers (10 mi) from the original existing Chara village, and about 600km (375mi) north-east of Chita city. The town was one of the 60 boomtowns built under the patronage of Komsomol brigades from different parts of the Soviet Union. Regular rail traffic from the east (Tynda town) began in 1988; traffic from the west (Severobaikalsk town) started in 1989. The reason we invite travelers to make a stop in Chara is the Kadar Mountains made of 15 inactive but relatively young volcanoes. Kadar mountain range is part of a larger Kalarski Range which also includes Udokanski range. The area is very rich with mineral deposits from cooper to rare metals. There are glaciers, canyons, streams, pristine Taiga forests. Tourist enjoy complete wilderness, incredible views, unique rock formations, rich mineral springs, and lots of stories of survival and history including the Borsky camp of Bamlag in Marble canyon. Here are few facts about Kalarski Mountain Range: the highest point is peak BAM - 3072 meters; the only sand desert in Siberia is here; the Kodar range will surprise you with close to 40 glaciers some are 3km long; the nearby Chara depression holds close to 3000 lakes.


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    Excursion / Tynda-the BAM capital
    Rail / Rail Tailored trips: Trans-Siberia-BAM (6 stops)

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