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Trans-Mongolian RR

  Small village
Route Map....The Classic Trans-Mongolia Railway is 2500kim / 1553mi long. It was built between 1949 - 1961 to connect Russia, Mongolia and China. In Russia, the road branches in Eastern Siberia from Ulan-Ude city on Lake Baikal and goes straight south through Mongolia to Jining city of northern China. In Mongolia the road passes Ulaanbaatar city and other important towns such as Sukhbaatar, Darkhan, Choir, and Zamyn-Uud (Erenhot). Rich deposits of color metals, coal, gold keep the road busy. The cargo accounts for 80% of all traffic. The road remains a major transport artery for Mongolia's economy, while for travelers it is more known as the shortcut from Siberia to China. In Mongolia, most of the route lies in endless Mongolian steppes and the Gobi desert in the south.


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