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Russian Capitals RR

Route Map....In the early 16-18th century, the rivers provided the fastest and most reliable means of transportation in Russia, but only throughout the summer months. In 1835, an Austrian engineer by the name of Franz Anton von Gerstner sent a letter to the Russian Emperor Nicholas the First proposing to provide Russia with an extensive railway system. To convince the Emperor, he proposed to build an experimental line from St. Petersburg to Czarskoe Selo (now Pushkin town). This line (27km/17mi) was completed in 1837 and became the first public railway in Russia. Following the success of the Czarskoe Selo Railway, the next major project was the St. Petersburg to Moscow line. It was completed in 1851 and became a start point for the Russian rail network, which grew to the largest in the world. Today, when the task of connecting major cities in Russia by the railroad network is accomplished, the Moscow-St. Petersburg railway is again at the core of experimenting, but this time for improving quality services. Fancy trains with showers and carpets have been added recently to expand the choices for passengers. The speed factor is also a growing priority to respond to business demands. There is an ambitious plan to reduce the ride time between the capitals to the flight time (~ 1.5 hour). Whether you love trains, history, landscape, or just a romantic adventure - this journey is for you!


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