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train from Moscow - 150-180 hrs    plane from Moscow - 8-10 hrs

(Locator); (Russia Tourist Map)...most foreigners know Vladivostok as the starting point of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Pacific Fleet, and the Siberian Tiger. Russians know Vladivostok for spa sanatoriums and summer vacations. The latest news features Vladivostok's growing economic role in the Asian - Pacific region. Former military strongholds on surrounding islands are being converted into economic forum stages and educational centers. New bridges with impressive lengths are being added to the sky view of the city. The history of Vladivostok city and Region began in 1860. Today's city population is around 600,000 with main industries being shipping, commercial fishing, and military. Very recently Vladivostok became an official starting point of the Trans-Siberian Highway (M60) that recently connected the Pacific ocean with European Russia. Air routes connect Vladivostok with Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Vietnam. Ferries run the route between Japan, South Korea and Vladivostok, carrying passengers and major commercial goods. Vladivostok is a great destination for visiting whether you are a cold war veteran, a Trans-Siberian traveler, or a businessperson. The city offers plenty to see and learn, great views, friendly people, a good mix of restaurants & hotels.


2*htl Moryak
3*htl Azimut
4*htl Hyundai
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Vladivostok City Sites
Pedan Mountain
Golden Horn Bay
Russian Island
Popov Island
Vladivostok Fortress


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Walking the Streets
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Rail / Rail Tailored trips: Classic Trans-Siberian (10 stops)
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City view Vladivostok Regional Museum Sail boat Sedov in Vladivostok Bay


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