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Mongolian Ger Camp

Mongolian GerWhile traveling in Mongolia, you will have some opportunity to live in a ger camp.

A ger is a traditional Mongolian family communal tent. They have been used for generations by nomadic herdsman not only in Mongolia but across other parts of Central Asia as well. Herdsmen had to move their flocks around, often great distances, due to the poor quality of the grazing areas. As a result, peoples of these regions had never settled in traditional cities or towns until only the last century.

Our Ger camps are designed specially for receiving and serving tourists. There are at least 5 and up to 50 Gers at the Ger camps (housing up to 180 people) and have the following facilities:

  • Comfortable 2-4 bedded Gers
  • Dinning Room
  • Flush toilet and showers at main camps only (usually around Ulaanbaatar)
  • Electricity as a rule.

The Ger camps have on staff a manager, cook, waitress and horsemen. Travelers will stay at their own Gers, just like a hotel room.

Cooks at the Ger camps are all professional cooks, so travelers can have opportunity to taste Asian and European as well as Mongolian dishes, while you are staying at the camp. Depending on the distance from the main market, the menu will vary depending on the Ger camp.

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