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Gifts: West to East (Startup List)

When strategizing your gift policy, bear in mind few things. Most western goods are available in former USSR countries and Asia, although often at a cost. Gifts can be given not only to host family, personal guides or close friends, but also any time to acknowledge someone who makes day-to-day life a bit smoother and easier. Remember to bring gifts that will be appreciated by both males and females. Gifts may also he purchased in Russian stores, so it is not necessary to bring everything from home. Fruits, liquor (cognac), flowers are among most popular.

  • pictures of the participant's hometown, family, and him/herself;
  • packages of seeds (many people have gardens and are fond of growing vegetables);
  • picture books/art books representing your country/region;
  • t-shirts or sweatshirts from your town/region;
  • postcards of popular cities/art postcards;
  • chocolates candy;
  • local foods like maple syrup, cheese, peanut butter, etc.;
  • cosmetics / hair accessories for girls;
  • costume jewelry and necklaces;
  • gifts for children - books, crayons. Legos, Matchbox cars, action figures frisbees/hackeysacks/soccer balls (inflate it once you are there), slippers, T-shirts or sweatshirts with pictures or insignias, sports team caps;
  • electric toothbrush (kids love it..);
  • heat treat hand/toe warmers;
  • wool gloves;

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